Maximizing Product Variations in WooCommerce: A Guide to Increasing WooCommerce's Maximum Linked Variations to 150

WooCommerce, one of the most popular e-commerce platforms for WordPress, is renowned for its flexibility and extensibility. However, users often encounter limitations when dealing with a large number of product variations. By default, WooCommerce restricts the number of linked variations to a specific value, which may not be sufficient for some businesses. In this blog post, we'll explore a simple solution to overcome this limitation and increase the number of variations created to 150.

Understanding the Standard Limitations

WooCommerce, out of the box, has a limit on the number of linked variations that can be created for a product. This limitation is set for performance reasons and to ensure smooth functioning, especially on websites with shared hosting or limited server resources. However, certain businesses, especially those dealing with extensive product catalogs, may find the default limitation restrictive.

The Solution

To increase the maximum number of variations created in WooCommerce, we can utilize a small piece of code. This code snippet should be added to your theme's functions.php file or, preferably, in a custom plugin. The code is as follows:

//Increase in the number of variations created to 150

Code Breakdown

The code provided above uses the define function to set a new constant, WC_MAX_LINKED_VARIATIONS, to the desired value of 150. This constant informs WooCommerce about the increased limit for the number of linked variations that can be created for a product.

Implementation Steps:

  1. Open your WordPress dashboard and navigate to the "Appearance" section.
  2. Select "Theme Editor" or use an FTP client to access your theme's files.
  3. Locate the functions.php file in your theme and open it for editing.
  4. Add the provided code snippet at the end of the functions.php file.
  5. Save the changes.

Alternatively, you can create a custom plugin by placing the code in a new PHP file within the wp-content/plugins directory.

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